Hydro Vacuum Excavation

Vacuum excavators have become one of the most common tools used to identify existing utility assets during underground construction projects.  Non destructive digging using a vacuum excavator enables the removal of spoil while minimising ground disruption and removes the risk of damaging assets.

Additional info:

Hydro vacuum excavation involves airflow and high-pressure water which when directed at the ground, breaks up the soil and rocks, enabling the vacuum to suck up the debris and deposit it into a storage tank.

This equipment can safely uncover sensitive utilities including pipelines, phone lines, fibre optics and anything else buried up to 3.3m underground.  The process is quick, safe and minimises the chance of damaging any expensive or hazardous lines.

Hydro excavation is a safe digging practice as it:

  • is faster than hand digging
  • is less disruptive to the environment
  • limits traffic congestion
  • results in cleaner work areas
  • minimises the risk of damaging the utility
  • is suitable for all utilities including power, water and gas

The list of applications for hydro excavation is almost endless.  It can help oil & gas companies, construction projects, irrigation. power plants, farms and more.  The method gives the operator the ability to clean out holes and trenches, including house foundations, in a safe and effective manner.